During the holidays, one of the most commonly celebrated traditions is to curl up by the fire or television with your favorite people and movies. If you were to ask what kind of drink they might be enjoying, there’s a likely chance that many of them really love egg nog during this time of year.

Egg nog is a cherished drink during the winter holidays, and it is known for bringing in the cheerful spirit of the season. You might be surprised to discover that there are quite a few variations of this popular drink, so this article will be covering 4 of them.


In the Netherlands, they have a type of eggnog called Advocaat. This popular and festive drink contains egg yolks, real vanilla, sugar, and a sugary liquor like brandy. It’s is often topped with whipped cream and is usually eaten with a spoon. There might be some store-bought versions of this drink available, but the only way for you to be able to say that you have tried Advocaat, is for it to have been made from only the very freshest ingredients.

Date Nog

In the United Arab Emirates, their festive drink is made from chilled camel’s milk and whipped with dates and honey. Some people who have come to mix this with egg to create a date nog. Due to its roots, it is typically no-alcoholic, and would be offered to visiting guests. It’s lack of alcohol also makes it a great drink to share with the children in the family. This fun drink adds a healthy flair when you use raw honey, instead of store-bought honey with added sugar.

Spiced Chocolate Egg Nog

This egg nog puts a new spin on the classic egg nog by adding finely grated or melted chocolate to the mix. It should be chilled after the chocolate is added along with ground vanilla beans and cinnamon. When the kids smell this, they’re definitely going to coming to try some, so you might want to set some aside before you add the alcohol You can choose from a range of liquors, but cognac and brandy are usually the most complimentary.

Bourbon Nog

If you love bourbon, this egg nog might be the one that gets you excited for the holidays. It simply uses a blend of whipped yolks, heavy cream, sugar, vanilla, and a bit of clove that has been spiked with your best bourbon. If you like, you can top it with cinnamon for that final festive touch.

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